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Bacta Cult Pulp & Paper

USD 16-18 Per Kilogram(s)
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25000 Kilogram(s) Per Month
Posted On
12 Jan 2019
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Bacta Cult
Delivery Time
1 week
One Kg aluminum foil bag with inner liner. Zipper stand up pouch.
2 years

Bacta Cult- Pulp & Paper is a blend of selected microorganisms for use in

biological wastewater treatment plants receiving aqueous wastes from pulp and

paper making operations.

Biological wastewater treatment plants receiving pulp and paper making wastes occasionally encounter difficulties in achieving desired effluent quality. Variable operating conditions may cause continuing system malfunctions. Bacta Cult- Pulp & Paper combines selected, adapted microbial strains with improved waste degradation capabilities. Bacta Cult-Pulp & Paper contains a combination of aerobic and facultative anaerobic microorganisms selected from nature for their

abilities to break down a broad range of substances encountered in the pulp and paper making waste. These include lignin, cellulose, sizing, surfactants, fibrous solids and other wastes. When used on a regular maintenance schedule, this combination of microbes can improve overall system performance and reduce operating costs.



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