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Gazebos in the garden can give you the perfect setting for an exciting event, hosting a barbecue, or even having a wedding in your back garden!. There is no doubt that if you choose the right gazebo that is in proportion to your garden, it makes a very attractive addition to your outdoor setting. Gazebos draw the eye down the garden and can become that special place for your special escape which entices you to go there sit and relax. So if all that sounds interesting to you and you have a big garden you need to consider three main factors before buying a gazebo.

Even though small gazebos can fit in small gardens they work best in larger yards. So one of the major factors to consider is how much space you have available. Gazebos do tend to be at least 2m wide. Yes, you can get them a little smaller than that, but they need to be a certain size so that they look in proportion to their height. hence before buying you need to take measurements and based on the space that you have and the space you need for the furniture inside the gazebo you can select the right size.

There are three major types of gazebos metal, vinyl and wooden gazebos. Metal gazebos are stylish, durable, reasonably priced and work well with modern or Mediterranean-inspired outdoor furniture. However, they need to be re-painted or re-coated with wax every couple of years to prevent rust formation.

Wooden gazebos are proven to be the most durable types of gazebos and wood, of all materials, is closest to the feel of nature so it creates a refreshing and relaxing feeling for your garden. However they tend to be a bit more expensive, there is less variation available and they often need to be custom made for you.

If you have a tight budget, you can opt for vinyl gazebos as they are cheaper and easier to install and to store. However, they are not as durable as wood or metal ones.

Weather Condition


Both wind and sun exposure can play a role in your purchasing decision. If you live in a windy area or if you get occasional sand storms like us in Dubai it will be a lot preferable to choose a gazebo that has a carefully planned structure. Canvas or polycarbonate roofs that are completely closed have a hard time staying up in windy environments so go for heavier materials such as aluminum or steel. Furthermore make sure you choose a model that comes has a blowhole so the wind will be able to escape from this hole on the top of the gazebo.

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