Company Introduction

Slim N Glow presents a natural remedy to reduce weight and get a glowing skin. Sat Kartar Shopping launched this natural remedy that helps all age of people to enhance their looks by reducing weight and providing a radiant skin.
Unwanted weight and damaged skin always leave a bad impact on our personality. Hence, everyone has their hidden wish to look attractive with perfect body and glowing skin.
“Sat Kartar has endeavoured to offer the solution of this most prevalent issue by launching Slim n Glow.”
Slim N Glow is a herbal supplement, designed to reduce weight and get the glowing skin. This product has been prepared with in accordance with the Japan & Hong Kong Food Supplement standards. Ayush certified Slim N Glow is safe and ensures the best results to get a slim body and a radiant skin for unisex.
Sat Kartar has an aim to provide natural remedies that can help people to manage their health issues without any side effects. That’s why, this company offers a range of Ayurvedic supplements to treat the health problems from its roots.
Slim N Glow herbal product is meant to give one stop solution whether it’s related to obesity or dull skin. One just needs to follow the given instructions. A combo of this pack includes powder, capsule and cream that works respectively to
•Shape the body
•Blood purification & fat reduction
•Remove the scars and whiten the skin
People looking for a result-oriented approach for their fat reduction and get an attractive body, must use Slim N Glow. As well, its natural skin care product cleans the skin and gives a youthful bright look, which is effective for all skin types and delivers radiant skin to men and women.
Sat Kartar Shopping Pvt. Ltd. is an India based company, offers a range of herbal supplements for various health issues. A leading consolidator of Ayurvedic products, it has been well known seller in Indian market.

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